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Satish Lele

Set up your own BioDiesel Plant

My mission is to assist people who want to set up BioDiesel Plants. By now it is clear that you need to manufacture BioDiesel in order to purify, used cooking oil, frying oil or yellow greases. Only these oils are available throughout the year. Disposal of these oils in sewer, is also a problem. Oil fraction rejected during refining of vesgetable oil, which can not be used as edible oil, is also used for manufacture of BioDiesel.
Many people want to set up BioDiesel plants. Most of them try the Process of BioDiesel at Home or in Laboratory. Then they want to set up a full scale plant. There are many plant suppliers, who offer turn-key plants at very high price, based on their proprietory process.
I sell designs and drawings to set up your own Biodiesel plant. With my designs and drawings, you can fabricate and erect the Biodiesel plant, in your own town at much lower cost. You can set up Biodiesel plant on your own. Any local fabricator can fabricate BioDiesel Plant for you, if he is given my Detailed Engineering Package. The equipments, bought out items and instruments are simple, which are easily available in developing countries of Asia and Africa. Maintenance of these can be done locally, with local skills. Most of the people who buy the Detailed Engineering Package, have done number of trials for manufacture of Biodiesel on small scale. Based on their experience, they have already formulated their own process parameters. Hence, they do not need process knowhow and they do commissioning themselves.
I have prepared Detailed Engineering Packages for BioDiesel plants, for different capacities. Those having smaller capacities, are based on Batch process. It comprises of Catalyst Reactor, Biodiesel Reactor, Settling Tank and Washing Column. It also includes special pre-treatment vessel to reduce fatty acid content. These are of following capacities : 400 liters per day (Batch) 1,000 liters per day (Batch) 2,000 liters per day (Batch) 5,000 liters per day (Batch) and 10,000 liters per day (Batch)
I have also prepared Detailed Engineering Packages for 10,000, 30,000, 50,000 and 100,000 liters per day (Continuous) BioDiesel Plants. These are designed as Automatic Continuous BioDiesel Plants, based on Ultrasonic mixer and Centrifuge (or Settling Tanks). These packages contain
Process & Instrumentation Diagram Process Flow Diagram Flow rates in pipe lines
Plot Plan Equipment List Equipment Drawings
Pump List Pump Data Sheets Piping Specifications
Line List Valve List Valve Data Sheets
Instruments List with Ranges Ultrasonic Catalog Centrifuge Catalog (or Settling Tanks)
Piping Isometrics Piping Bill of Quantity Process Manual

for Information about drawings of Plants.

You can even buy basic Project Reports of these Biodiesel plants, in Word and Excel format with full financial analysis. These Biodiesel reports form the basis for Report to be submitted to Bank which is generally prepared by Chartered Acountant associated with the particular bank. These Biodiesel project reports are available for US$ 10 or 600. These are available in US$, any other currency or Indian Rupees.

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